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bigger-choices-toolkit-sm.jpgMarijuana Toolkit: Parents, Schools & Community Partners

This is a toolkit for parents, educators and community partners to use when talking about risks related to marijuana use by youth. It includes fact sheets, sample social media content and templated blogs to help start the conversation, and links to LA County's marijuana resources.

See the "Bigger Choices" Program Toolkit:


Campaign Preventing Use of Marijuana among Teens (12-17 years old) in LA County

Using peer-to-peer communications, videos, DJ influencers, experts respected by teens – Dr. Drew Pinksy – to create engaging content. Teens talk about why they choose not to use marijuana or what consequences come about from using it: not making a sports team, passing out in the classroom, getting in trouble. Campaign content was generated by young people who collaborated with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

See more about our digital and social Marijuana Prevention Campaign at:

Marijuana Prevention Teen Webpage

This webpage provides teens with facts on health effects, consequences, and ideas to stimulate alternatives to using pot so that teenagers can make the best possible choice regarding marijuana use.

If you want to learn more about the law governing marijuana and how it is evolving in Los Angeles County, see the Office of Cannabis Management webpage.

Prop 64 and Responsible Adult Use of Marijuana

With the passage of Proposition 64, California legalized responsible adult use of marijuana. To learn more about the efforts of Department of Public Health to promote the health and safety of our communities, visit: