Ventura County, CA


Marijuana Toolkit: Parents and Community Partners
This is a toolkit for parents, educators and community partners to use when talking about risks related to cannabis use by youth. It includes publications and videos to help start the conversation, and links to our marijuana resources. These resources are also available in Spanish.


Preventing Drug-Impaired Driving
Ventura County Behavioral Health has collaborated with the California Office of Traffic Safety to develop outreach campaigns related to drug-impaired driving. This is a continuation of our efforts to support personal and public safety by reducing DUIs due to marijuana, prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

See more about our Teen Marijuana Driving Campaign at:

If you want to learn more about the topic of marijuana and how it is evolving in Ventura County, see our page on Marijuana: Local Strategies. You will also find our numerous policy publications.

White Paper: Marijuana - What the Science Says About Adolescent Use of Cannabis
This paper focuses on the effects of cannabis on adolescents and young adults. 

How High Ventura County “Say No To 'Fine” Video Campaign
A video education campaign developed by How High Ventura County inspires parents to begin a marijuana dialogue with their teens. It builds awareness of the simple fact that marijuana affects teenagers quite differently than adults. See the videos at: